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Sabah Adventure – Home of the Orangutan

Explore a mystical land of headhunters and rare wildlife on our journey into Sabah. With its collection of exotic animals, ancient traditions, hot springs, tribal villages, loveable orangutans and incredible views, Sabah has something for everyone. Experience the very best of this part of Borneo – climbing Mt Kinabalu, watching elusive sea turtles lay their eggs, sharing laughs with local village hosts – every minute of this incredible adventure will stay with you for life.


Discover the Red Centre

As well as experiencing the wonders of Uluru, Kata Tjuta& Kings Canyon, we’ll give you the opportunity to really experience the desert; driving on dirt roads, bush camping, eating quality food cooked over a campfire & sleeping under the clearest southern stars you can imagine. Experience an authentic outback adventure with a touch of style and quality in a small group tour.


Red Sea Adventure

From the mighty pyramids of Giza to the world famous UNESCO site of Petra, be awed by ancient wonders of civilisations which date back to 9000 BC. Drift down the Nile, ascend Mount Sinai, float on the Dead Sea and count the stars in the skies above Wadi Rum. Egypt and Jordan have some of the oldest cultures on earth and this tour will bring the spectacular significance of this region alive.


Rock the Kasbah in the Red City

Come and see Morocco’s kaleidoscope of colours. From the snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the endless sands of the Sahara and from the medieval old town of Fes to the spice markets of Marrakech, the rich history and natural beauty of this ancient land await. Observe the vibrant collision between old and new expressed in architecture and artwork. Learn about fallen cities and cross paths with nomadic tribes. Jump in and discover the many mysteries and legends concealed within this moody ever-changing landscape.


Find your Viking roots in the land of Erik the Red

Scandinavia is full of stunning scenery, gorgeous fjords, long summer days, enchanting folk tales & mythical wild life. Explore it the easy way on this journey through the capital cities of Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen. Get a taste for real Scandinavia in some lesser known spots off the beaten track. See spectacular fjords & glaciers & take an exhilarating polar plunge in the Arctic Circle. Don’t forget to pack your camera! This version is 16 days long & ends in Helsinki but there’s also.


The great Pilgrimage from Red China to Red Square

Discover colourful cultures and vibrant landscapes as you travel the old-fashioned way – by train – from St Petersburg to Beijing. From the spectacular cathedrals of European Russia to quaint Siberian villages with Buddhist Buryat culture and from the sparsely populated steppes of Mongolia to the heaving streets of Beijing, this is a journey of epic proportions. Some of the accommodation is basic but you will be touched by the warm hospitality of the locals you meet along the way and will finish the adventure with a unique insight into the cultures spanning this vast and fascinating region.